Understanding ‘la onda’ de Juan Wauters

Juan Wauters is a man of simple songs and intuitive thoughts. He expresses himself based on observation and after internally suffering from his own thoughts. The way he looks at life and gather his inspiration is not cryptic and it’s not based on fantasies – it’s about the pros and cons of diurnal life. Sung entirely in Spanish (his native language) Wauters gives us La Onda de Juan Pablo, his first album since 2005. A musical achievement birthed after traveling and temporarily living in various countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean. La Onda de Juan Pablo is Wauters own reflections on family origins, working within a broken system, and the love of sharing music and creating it. La Onda de Juan Pablo proves to be a recollection of ordinary moments, and a conversation that turned from observation into conversation and collaboration between strangers – who served as musical partners throughout his journey – and Wauters own humor, hope and euphony.

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