Pile and the anxiety of the unknown

Early May of this year, Boston transfers and now Nashville-based band Pile, released their third album (7 releases in total), the cathartic and still melodic Green and Gray, through Exploding In Sound. The band, commanded by Rick Maguire, has been exploring musical dynamics since its beginning in 2007 as Rick’s solo project. Pile boasts between the rowdy and the inhibited across a line of unconditional support from fans and the need for an outlet. This outlet serves as the underbelly of the emotionally charged and distinguished sound of the Maguire’s outbursts. The songs on the album, in light of our current political climate and Maguire’s most current life changes, correspond to a dynamic response of the singer to life itself. And although this interview was conducted while they were touring in New York, back in May, the feeling is still there. Palpable even throughout their most recent video release for “Firewood”. Pile’s Green and Gray showcases harmoniously the uncertainty and curiosity that comes with life as a musician in this day and age. Read the conversation with Rick below.

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