1. All About Cowpunk Rock And Roll with Fever Beam

    29 Apr 2019
    Photo by Acute Perception What makes a new band standout in the earlier stages of their existence lays in the uniqueness in sound and the honest approach in which its members manifest and contribute to it. In many occasions, when you, finally, decide to start a band the first thing…

  2. An interview with New York’s post punk icons Bush Tetras

    22 Apr 2019
    Interview by Lola Pistola, illustration by Ava East. Pat Place, Cynthia Sley and Dee Pop are still making the rounds. Yesterday New York City’s no wave outfit Bush Tetras released their new EP Take The Fall, their first release in 10 years, on Wharf Cat Records. The band has been…

  3. Death Valley Girls will hypnotize you

    22 Apr 2019
    Photos by Julia Khoroshilov. You could say Death Valley Girls abstain from creating new musical tendencies on purpose— yet they still create the most mythical and least expected sound of any current band. Their third album Darkness Rains mingles between classic rock and roll tropes and introspective imagery of chorus…

  4. SASAMI comes to the front in self-titled debut album

    22 Apr 2019
    As the former synth player for Cherry Glazerr, Sasami Ashworth provided a different direction for the rock group. In her album debut SASAMI the songwriter confronts inner emotions and shares, whilst standing in the front, her true form with the world. What at first seems to be a linear transformation…

  5. Escape-ism’s “The Lost Record” is radical musical exploration

    22 Apr 2019
    It’s always interesting to experience an artist who is somehow a chameleon, yet very individual and recognizable. Ian Svenonius has been making music since 1990 through different bands and in varying genres. Escape-ism, though, is Svenonius as a solo artist. Last year Svenonius brought the group into the world with…

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