1. Honesty and Identity: Stuyedeyed’s personal quest

    31 Mar 2020
    Photo by Allen Ying Outside of Danbro Studios in Bushwick I notice Nelson Hernández-Espinal walking towards me with a smile on his face. Hernández-Espinal, the lead singer and guitar player of the New York-based band Stuyedeyed, apologizes for running a couple of minutes late, “I couldn’t find a parking spot.”…

  2. Cowgirl Clue’s music is the real icebreaker

    31 Mar 2020
    The first time I saw Cowgirl Clue live, it was sort of a happy accident. Her song “Utopia” was already part of my Spotify summer repertoire, and after hearing we’d be playing the same venue for SXSW in Austin, Texas, I had to make sure I was able to see…

  3. Residente & Bad Bunny Drop Inclusive New Video for “Bellacoso” in the Era of Perreo Combativo

    31 Mar 2020
    Coming off their surprise hip-hop protest anthem with iLe, comes what could possibly be the most awaited reggaeton junte we’ve seen in urbano in years – a perreo collaboration between Residente and Bad Bunny. “Bellacoso” is the first single from René Perez Joglar’s (better known as Residente) upcoming yet-to-be-titled sophomore…

  4. Dávila 666 Are Back and Rowdier Than Ever

    21 May 2019
    Puerto Rican garage-punks Dávila 666 are finally back after a 7-year hiatus. The sextet (comprised of Sir Charles, Panda, AJ, Johnny, Gigi and The Latin Snake) played their first live show in January at La Respuesta in San Juan, Puerto Rico. “It was just time to bring the beast back,”…

  5. Album Review: Reptaliens ‘VALIS

    29 Apr 2019
    Before signing with Captured Tracks, Portland-based Reptaliens weren’t purposely trying to make a band. Their 2017 debut LP, FM-2030, allowed wife and husband duo, Bambi and Cole Browning, to tour with STRFKR, Cults, and of Montreal. After, the group immerse themselves in the studio and ended up creating the sun-dappled…

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