P.E. is more than a happy accident

P.E. started out without any plans in mind. A project that unraveled from experimentation and the rudimentary approach of “jamming”. After their project, Pill, Veronica Torres, Jonathan Campolo, and Benjamin Jaffe, alongside Jonathan Schenke and Bob Jones (from the band Eaters), let improvisation and nature take its course. The result is a wild collaboration filled with percussive and vocal playfulness, where versions of genres intertwine, like tamer digital hardcore, noise punk, minimal synth and several dense and unspecified tunes that allow the compositions to feel dissonantly pleasant and united. A chaotic and individual configuration that merged well and feels right. “It’s a thing now. We made this weird baby,” shares Veronica Torres, “it feels good.” “The album absolutely is the starting line,” adds Jonathan Campolo. And yes, it is real, and as complex, atmospheric and synth driven Person might feel, it’s abnormally present.

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