Honesty and Identity: Stuyedeyed’s personal quest

Outside of Danbro Studios in Bushwick I notice Nelson Hernández-Espinal walking towards me with a smile on his face. Hernández-Espinal, the lead singer and guitar player of the New York-based band Stuyedeyed, apologizes for running a couple of minutes late, “I couldn’t find a parking spot.” He then points at me and says, “I almost wore a shirt just like that!” That day, I was wearing an orange-red shirt with white details on the neck and sleeves. It would’ve been rad if we matched, maybe a little awkward even. Nelson is 24. His demeanor, and the energy attached to him makes him come across as older than his age. He comes forward ready to start the interview which I’ve scheduled to take place in my rehearsal room at Danbro.

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