Death Valley Girls will hypnotize you

You could say Death Valley Girls abstain from creating new musical tendencies on purpose— yet they still create the most mythical and least expected sound of any current band. Their third album Darkness Rains mingles between classic rock and roll tropes and introspective imagery of chorus laden dynamics and invigorating proto-punk build ups. The propulsive chants and menacing guitar riffs perpetuate sonics from early 70’s death-rock, ghoulish blues, punk rock, 80’s glam—creating an over-the-top magnificent cosmic movement.

Their hyper charged voices fringes respectably among audiences because they’re soldiered to manifest their love for rock and roll. The bands affinity and embrace to the obscure, as well, makes them unique among other current musicians. With ragers like “(One Less Thing) Before I Die,” “Disaster (Is What We’re After),” and hypnotic tracks like “Born Again and Again,” “TV in Jail on Mars,” and “Abre Camino,” Death Valley Girls are consistent and rowdy. Shit, even Iggy Pop is a fan! Enough to collaborate and be ‘el actor principal’ for the band’s “Disaster (Is What We’re After)” music video.

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