All About Cowpunk Rock And Roll with Fever Beam

What makes a new band standout in the earlier stages of their existence lays in the uniqueness in sound and the honest approach in which its members manifest and contribute to it. In many occasions, when you, finally, decide to start a band the first thing that comes to mind to see if you can excite anyone into joining could be sending them your wonky demos over e-mail or you can airdrop them (the modern times here’s my mixtape), inviting them to jam or just convincing them on a drunkenly fueled night out that your musical abilities are heavenly sent and making music together is the only way to live. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Meeting the right minds and sharing with others your own view in music can become a challenge, a jam could go awfully wrong and create awkward environment where half smiles of ‘this is not what I want to be playing, but I don’t know how to say this’ come thru teeth’s from possible members that after a session aren’t really a perfect match. There’s nothing to do to really step away from that, anything can happen, and the key is to be fine with this and continue searching and writing no matter what. Fortunately for Fever Beam, formed in St. Petersburg, Florida, making music together is not only a creative release, they are extremely passionate about the project and happy they’ve encountered each other and clicked in the right way. Kasey Maloney, Samantha Loder, and Dane Giordano are re-imagining rock and roll music together by experimenting with an agglomeration of styles that’s been candidly named as “cowpunk rock and roll”. Their first single “Young Guns” encompasses the trio’s playful and catchy vision with Kasey’s vocals gliding with determination for what it feels is a Tarantino movie scene.

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