Alberto Pazzi’s pink obsession

Alberto Pazzi has an obsession. Not only with heavy black lines and contours, but with the symbolic color pink. The Mexican artist, who once went viral on the internet stratosphere after a family portrait showed him dressed as a clown, involves comedic attitude in his illustrations and his straightforward drawings on pink paper. At the dawn of the decade’s grand finale, Pazzi has taken the task of pushing to complete new work in a short period of time for his upcoming exhibition. “The show is going to be 20 new paintings that I’ve been working on in the last couple of months, but mostly the whole thing was making 20 paintings in the last month so I can just show ideas that were just laying around and I never put on canvas before,” shares Pazzi. The show will take place at Bushwick restaurant, La Lonchería, a place where Pazzi’s presence attracts underground musicians and artists of the area, as he is then their personal purveyor of luxury in the shape of cheap drinks. A transaction too good to deny, and for that, through social media (in this case Instagram), for example, Pazzi’s face would show up every now and then, jovially reacting to the companionship his faithful friends and customers bring.

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