1. What Now? Leaning into the unknown as an independent musician during Covid-19

    31 Mar 2020
    It all started settling in after this year’s South by Southwest was canceled. The festival was set for its 34th consecutive year to feature and welcome thousands of film, music and tech aficionados. Concerns raised in the city of Austin due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, aka the novel…

  2. P.E. is more than a happy accident

    31 Mar 2020
    P.E. started out without any plans in mind. A project that unraveled from experimentation and the rudimentary approach of “jamming”. After their project, Pill, Veronica Torres, Jonathan Campolo, and Benjamin Jaffe, alongside Jonathan Schenke and Bob Jones (from the band Eaters), let improvisation and nature take its course. The result…

  3. Alberto Pazzi’s pink obsession

    31 Mar 2020
    Photos by Michelle LoBianco Alberto Pazzi has an obsession. Not only with heavy black lines and contours, but with the symbolic color pink. The Mexican artist, who once went viral on the internet stratosphere after a family portrait showed him dressed as a clown, involves comedic attitude in his illustrations…

  4. Pile and the anxiety of the unknown

    31 Mar 2020
    Early May of this year, Boston transfers and now Nashville-based band Pile, released their third album (7 releases in total), the cathartic and still melodic Green and Gray, through Exploding In Sound. The band, commanded by Rick Maguire, has been exploring musical dynamics since its beginning in 2007 as Rick’s…

  5. Notes on Lina Tullgren’s newest release Free Cell

    31 Mar 2020
    Enhanced by a variety of textures and elevated sonic experimentation, Free Cell doesn’t built up by suit, instead Lina Tullgren’s sophomore effort responds to the expectancy of life and manages to achieve it’s final form without the need to press the reset button. Created in different spaces, Free Cell muses…

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